Greater Emmanuel 

Baptist Church






Girls Loving Our Walk mission is to promote Christian values, enhance self-esteem, confidence, self-love as well as empowerment skills.  We also want to nurture each youth in the spirit of love, and help build their relationship with Christ, their parents, peers and embrace a lifelong understanding of Christian morals, values and standards according to scripture.

Our ultimate goal is that each young teen move towards a deeper relationship with Christ while growing in ministry, life, and leadership.





The Ola Jean Hudson Circle's purpose is to encourage women and young girls to fulfill their call to ministry, as we grow in service and leadership promoting sisterhood, as we mentor, attend workshops, conferences, and group bible study.  While maintaing a positive presence in our church and community.  Lifting others instead of tearing down, focusing on Christ and not ourselves.  We stand together for unity not division.  



The Member Care Committee’s purpose is to strengthen the bonds of fellowship within our church family. We want to assure members of the congregation that they are cared for at every age and circumstance of their life. 

The needs of the congregation as individuals are constantly changing and diverse. We coordinate the actions of members caring for members rejoicing in God’s love and building new friendships along the way.





English Evangelism purpose is to go out into the community, door to door knocking to introduce the name of ourselves, the church and Christ to those who open their doors and allow us a few minutes of their time.  To do our best to create a friendly atmosphere wherby we can find out if they have a church home and to see if they have a personal relationship with Christ.  If they do not have a church home we will invite them to our church.  If they do not have Christ in their lives, we will ask if they would like to accept the Lord into their life.  If there is not enough time or if the timing is not right we will provide them a brochure, invite them to church to hear the word and let the Lord do the drawing.  



The Young Adult Ministry's purpose, here at Greater Emmanuel Baptist Church, is to help guide those who are willing to focus on devoting their love for God. This ministry aims towards individuals aged 18-35, with strong hopes of being able to bring forth members to serve God together.  

We want to encourage young adults to come together in praise, build our community , and follow God’s word. 



The Greater Emmanuel Christian Education Department exists to serve the biblical purpose to lead our members to deeper spiritual commitment, greater intimacy and fellowship with Christ, and to help them develop to spiritual maturity in Christ.  This Department will be responsible for all educational conferences, workshops, seminars, leadership training programs, Bibles studies (Sunday School, Wednesday Night Bible Studies, and B.T. U. , and home growth groups.  This group will also develop programs for individual spiritual development as well. (I.e. Prayer60 etc.)



The GEBC Social Media Ministry seeks to carry out the "vision" of Greater Emmanuel Baptist Church, which was set forth by Jesus Christ, and Pastor Burley Hudson.  Through the many social media & technical areas, we strive to:  Enhance the GEBC Worship Experience;
Go beyond the physical walls of our church by way of social media to invite others to learn of God's love; to serve as a historical documentary site for our church; as well as spreading the word on all the activities of our church.  


Greater Emmanuel’s youth ministry aims to introduce our younger generation to the love of Christ where they will then spread His love to their peers while gaining a deeper understanding of the blood He shed for us.

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6 





The purpose of the mission is twofold:  First, reaching inward, nurturing our membership through mission study, education fellowship, and prayer.

Second, reaching outward through personal witnessing, evangelizing, helping the needy and less fortunate, and seeking justice and liberty for all in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


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